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Cevi's update 9/1/99 WONDERFUL

Juliua Stroup
Well, where do I start?

She moved the toes on her left foot (no movement until now) Thank you Jesus!!!  She did it quite a few times today on command, yahoooooo!  She ate some potatoe wedges, about 1/3 of banana and 1/2 bowl of pudding (this since she pulled the feeding tube out of her nose at 4 this morning).  It's really great to see her face without that tube there, but it's going to take some work to keep her nutritional requirements going without it so they've given me permission to wheel her down to the cafeteria and have dinner, I am so happy.  I knew the Lord would take care of us, I knew it with all my heart and what a wonderful, wonderful day. We still are working on the white cell count, but I know he'll take care of that too.  Shary started back to school today and I had the office send her a note about the toes, but I haven't been able to find out how her day was, will report to you tomorrow, K?  My sister Colleen will be coming this weekend and Tom ended up going home today instead of yesterday, he'll be back at work tomorrow (not his choice).
I love you all and God Bless!! -Juliua

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