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Impar ligament--need info pls.

Just returned from the vet, where my mare spent the better part of 
a day being poked and prodded to determine cause of LF lameness.  
All tests came back normal--radiographs good,  ultrasound showed 
absolutely nothing.  Through process of elimination, diagnosis was 
soft tissue injury to impar ligaments or possibly the third 
ligament coming off the navicular bone (sorry--don't remember its 
name).  This area evidently can't be radiographed or scanned with 
ultrasound, so don't know any more other than that she is 100% 
sound with this area blocked.  Navicular bone is perfect on X-ray.  
Deep flexor tendon as far as they could view it was perfect. 

I'm looking for anyone who knows anything about this 
condition--treatment, lay-up time, etc., and would appreciate any 
bit of information.

Thanks in advance... 


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