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Attitudes ??

I am not easily offended, but thanks for the encouragement..:):) I have been in Schutzhund for 5 years [ a German dog sport, tracking,obedience, protection work
a test of the working abilities, temperment, and breed suitabilities of the German shepherd dog ] as a member of United Schutzhund clubs of America, you are faced with a number of very hostile, ego driven,'' my way or the highway'' male domination, and disreputable ''dog brokers'' , importers, and breeders, and club leaders.Money is the driving force with many, a good sport dog can go for 10,000 to 100,000 dollars for a stud dog.I must not waste more time on this subject, but there are many GREAT people also.... I was on a list with this sport, UNBELIEVABLE , the levels of attitudes, this list is SO kind in comparison, mannerly, and intelligent in their posts... Very Refreshing !!! Thank you for the nice ''welcome''       Sherrie McClain and FS Radar  central Oregon,USA 

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