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Re: RC: Apology (rudness)

In a message dated 9/1/99 5:00:09 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< I see you support some sanctimonious, self righteousness jerk who not
 one but three different times insulted the people that worked their
 butts off to come up with a format for the ride and to put on the ride,
 the people that gave their time and effort to work the ride and the
 riders that supported the organization and went to the ride.  It is so
 easy to criticize after the fact.  If she had such wonder ideas where
 was she when the ride was being planned.
 I find her remarks - all three times - and insult to the entire
 Truman Prevatt
 AERC #8217
I was entered in both the 100 & the 50 miler Championship!  I could not go 
because of a small leg problem on my mare.  She just wasn't 100% to go.
FYI, you need to spend your time responding to her (Kat) not me.  I feel that 
your a little to rash and rude.  Things can be commented on with different 
opinions without calling names.  It was just her opinions, and you shouldn't 
feel that it was so directed to you.  So get off of my back for aggreeing 
with some of her opinions.  I'm intitled to that!
Tammy Robinson & Katie Bar The Door
1st PS Regional 

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