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Opinions, man, we all got one, and on every subject.  Some of us have gotten 
a little off track.  We were not discussing opinions or what distance it 
takes to call a rider or horse an endurance competitor.  We were discussing 
the once a year Championship event.

Does AERC want to have a champion for 10, 25, 50 and 100 mile races?  We do 
hold regular events for 3 of these distances.  But we were discussing a 
champion for each year.  That horse and rider team would be the best we have 
at that time.  Not the beginner, not the older half retired team, not the 
team which has made remarkable progress in that year, not the team which has 
overcome the biggest obstacle do to health or age, but the best over the 
hardest test.

Yes, more can complete or race a 50 mile trail.  In our search for a yearly 
champion we do want it to be the highest level, the one who can stand up to 
the test of time and distance.  We can find both 50 mile and 100 mile trails 
which offer a test.  The 100 mile trail offers more of a test.  

This championship ride takes nothing away from the rest of us endurance 
riders in the Nation.  It is simply a method to determine the best team each 
year.  I do not want to see that honor awarded at 25 or 50 mile events.  I 
believe that 100 miles should be the test distance, even if I can no longer 
ride that distance, or if it is too hard for a less than well conditioned 
veteran horse to win.


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