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Re: Apology (not)

How aptly put by you your wife and Kat.  Kat I loved your letter as I'm sure
many of us "old timers" probably did.  My mule and I are still waiting to do
our first 100 miler together.  She now has 1,000+ miles and is ready for her
first 100.  Tevis was to be it , but my illness thwarted that idea.
Hopefully the Desert Pines 100 will be it.  I will be as proud of her first
100 mile completion as I was of her first 50 miler.  As a matter of fact I
about popped the buttons off my shirt when she finished her first 25 miler.
Each completion is special to me, whether we top ten or tail end.
Classic my butt.!!!       gesa n clovis
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Date: Tuesday, August 31, 1999 7:15 AM
Subject: RC: Apology (not)

>    Rarely do I beckon unto my wife Becky to please enter the computer room
>while I sit and peruse RC.
>    I did this morning.
>    We read your letter.
>    We agree with your letter.
>    You stated your beliefs well.
>    Whenever someone uses the word "classic" , I believe they address the
>"penultimate" in form.
>    Hundred milers and multi-days have always seemed to me to be THE test
>horse and rider.
>    A fifty miler is A test, not THE test.
>    When the NCS required the riding of two or three hundreds, sometimes
>weeks apart in varied locales and climes, to me, that seemed  a challenge
>expounding the basic tenets of "endurance".
>    Not to say the NC in Timberon was not a challenge, I KNOW "any" hundred
>is...particularly when folks show up to "race".
>    As for expounding the "basic tenets of endurance", I remember those
>horses who showed up hundred after hundred, multi-day after multi-day, year
>after year and though most didn't always "win", they usually always
>    I am not a "racer"... my next mount, a six-year old gelding and I
>are always climbing the ladder toward the hundreds, the multi-days and when
>we do a fifty, it is as a rung on that ladder.
>    I know for some, "doing well" on the fifty milers is THE goal.
>    That's great.  They do not require my blessing, nor yours.  Their world
>is different.
>That's okay.
>    I personally don't believe that this sport is about "National"
>it's about a horse and rider on a given day doing their best and arriving
>    Good Luck at XP & OT.
>   Frank Solano.
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