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Cevi's update 8/31/99

Juliua Stroup
Well, Cevi went in first thing this morning and they opened her abdomen back up to try and locate the infection.  They felt that this was the fastest way to heal her.  The only thing they did find was some old blood, nothing real eye opening.  They checked everywhere, but didn't find any pus pockets or anything.  Cevi was needless to say none to happy about the surgery, but I tell you I've never seen a more tough kid then she is.  I redecorated her room, looks pretty good.  Should give her something more to read and look at.  Shary went to the Shields' house to get ready for school tomorrow, and I really miss her.  The Lord is at work here, I know it and I have faith in Him. -Juliua

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