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Re: RC: Coggins


Call your vet!!!!!!!  To cross state lines, you need a Federally mandated
health certificate for the horse, coggins, and possibly certification that
the horse hasn't been exposed to certain diseases.  The regulations vary
depending on what state you live in & where you are going.

These regulations changed frequently - depends on what outbreaks may have
occurred where.  You can be impounded and/or fined without them.

There was a web sight that had the current requirements for all 50 states

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
Bruceton Mills, WV

Wolgram wrote:

> My husband and I are planning to travel with our horses to California in
> October with an overnight stopover in Nevada.  Could someone tell me what
> the Coggins laws are in these two states (6 mos. or 12 mos. on Negative
> Coggins)?
> Thanks...Betty in Colorado

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