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Re: Brenerup trailer inquiry

You'll hear lots of pros and cons regarding this brand of trailer; most from
folks who haven't owned one and probably don't want to.

I had one for 10 years and loved it.  My husband being a car dealer, I never
knew what kind of vehicle I might be allowed to drive and it suited my needs
perfectly.  I have owned steel, aluminum skinned and aluminum trailers and
to this day I have never had a more reliable or enjoyable trailer that
pulled better.  I, personally, pulled it with larger SUV's and smaller
pick-ups.  Unfortunately, I had a cracked window over one winter and water
seeped into the siding of the trailer.  Nearly impossible to repair, though
it could have been avoided if I had repaired the crack.

Probably the largest negativity of the trailer would be the question of
whether or not an FRP (fiberglass reinforced product) siding is safe in the
event of a collision.  It is certainly something to consider.

Susan Swope-Attardi
AERC Southeast Region
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Sent: Tuesday, August 31, 1999 6:48 PM
Subject: RC: Brenerup trailer inquiry

> Ridecampers,
> I'm considering buying a Brenderup trailer rather than risk my marraige
> and push for a "real" trailer that requires a "real" vehicle to pull
> it.  Has anyone used one of these personally?  I'd really appreciate
> some input, I don't have any experience with them (and of course their
> website is full of praise in the testimonials section). I don't want to
> risk my marraige, nor do I want to risk my horse's life either.
> TIA.
> Laurel Hickey (in NY w/a Stb. mare)
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