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Re: Cosequin "Junk"!!!

"LATE BREAKING INFO... I was just informed today that the TOP 5 COSEQUIN
100 FEI FINISHERS will be evaluated (i.e. conside=
red) for invitation to compete in an exclusive $100,000 event held in
the UAE."

Steve Shaw wrote:
>Does this mean that you will be "considered"  and invited only if your
last name starts with "K", "W" or "R?"

Give it a break!  ANYONE can place in the top 5 at any endurance event given
the right horse, right ride & right conditions....this petty garbage must
stop....We also heard that the top 5 placers at the Pan Am are invited to
the Most Preferred Endurance Ride.   Another thing to remember, the $100,000
is in Durhams, not US dollars-which means that the exchange rate is
approximately 3.65 Durhams to $1 US....The reason that those are being
"evaluated" are from the Cosequin ride is that it's the only FEI 100 miler
in the US.  Another thing to remember is that Sheikh Mohammed is the one
that is putting this ride on....he can invite whomever he wants's
his party!  The Most Preferred Endurance Ride also is "evaluating" the top
finishers from several other FEI rides around the world.

Bill and Jan Stevens

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