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RC: endurance scripture

On Tue, 31 Aug 1999 04:25:47 EDT, wrote:

> from the Atheist's Handbook and the Buddhist Book of Karma:
> "Woman talks too much and nags man, born of woman, all day and all night.  
> This lasts for many days and causes alot of trouble.   She lights up like a 
> thousand candles when you compliment her clean house, but dwindles into 
> darkness when you criticize her cooking.  Man, who hunts for food and works 
> on trucks, will always endure."
> Step Brother Howard


Hmmm.... From the Non-Denominational Book of Wisdom and Reality:

From Truths 746:88
"Man cannot endure without woman.  Who else shall sooth his tired soul
with a cold sacred beer, a warm meal, and genuine concern for his
well-being even in the coldest, darkest nights of his life?  And all she
asks in return is nil... just a trusty steed, a bit of freedom, and a
long trail to the sunset".

From Reality 127:64
"Left to his own devices, man hunts for food by prying month-old
pretzels from between the couch cushions.  Man cleans the household by
simply tossing the remote on the table before he wanders to off to bed. 
And thou shalt consider the late night poker games before accusing women
of endless chatting.  Pork rinds are not a food group."


The Self-Proclaimed Minister of the Good Church of the Real World


Okay, your turn ;-D!  All in jest folks, from the gal who WORKS ON HER
OWN TRUCKS (thank you very much (g))! 

Kim (and 'Lee the old mare, who would rather not get involved with human
affairs unless it involves carrots)

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