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Re: RC: Brian Reeves Reward Fund

>Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 22:37:48 -0700
>From: Nancy DuPont <>
>Subject: Re: RC:  Brian Reeves Reward Fund
>Did anyone submit this to the local newspaper. What a great story!
Especially if he does give it to a local charity.  Some good publicity about
horse people. Wow.
>At 02:02 PM 8/30/99 EDT, you wrote:
>>The $1,000 reward fund for the finder of Brian Reeves' lost horse has been 
>>collected and will be forwarded to the man who found the horse.  He has said 
>>that he will refuse the reward. However, Brian has chosen to send it to him 
>>anyway and tell him that he can donate to his favorite charity or  use it 
>>some way in his community.  Brian and Goofy are both home safe and sound and 
>>deeply appreciative of the efforts made on their behalf.
>>The following people made the reward possible:
>>Becky Glaser
>>Shirley Delsart
>>Jennifer Layman
>>Susan Allison Cheng
>>Linda B. Merims
>>Catherine Cannon
>>Maryben Stover
>>Karen Chaton
>>Mike Maul
>>Jerry & Bernita Barfield
>>Eric & Kathy Thompson
>>Lif & Paul Strand
>>Nancy Elliot, DVM
>>Ken Cook
>>Bob and Julie Suhr
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