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Lost Wheelbarrow/Selway-Bitterroot

Got back Friday from a 4-day ride in the northern end of the 
Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness in north central Idaho.  Just a *fun* 
camping/riding trip, though the non-horsey friend I dragged along may say 
differently :-)  Actually she's going with me on a two-dayer closer to home 
this week, so I can't have scared her too badly!

Anyway - it's beautiful and I'd love to go back, once I get a *real* 
packsaddle/rigging/supplies instead of those stupid dadratted 
just-about-useless saddle panniers I have.  Anyone out there ridden trails in 
there and could tell me about them?  We went in at Mocus Packbridge, camped 
at Indian Meadows, from there to Horse Camp, from there up Boulder Creek to 
Fish Lake Saddle & back to Indian Meadows on Eagle Mountain Trail, then out 

Also - is anyone out there riding the LD at Lost Wheelbarrow Mine in Potlatch 
ID this Sunday, and wants to go slow?  I'd love company... just aiming to 
complete and not become separated from my horse en route!

Karen Bratcher
Hayden ID

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