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Re: RC: help to grow frogs

A natural trim farrier. A natural trim will put more pressure on
the frogs, so they will receive more of a blood supply and will
be healthier. We love the results we have gotten with going to a
more natural trim instead of a traditional trim. 

We have a horse that was had back problems for 8 years. We tried
everything and the natural trim cleared it up. He has went
through three competitive rides in the last month and he has
vetted through clean on his back. All of our horses are doing
better in competitive and their P/R are the best I have ever
seen. I believe it is partly because they are more comfortable
in their way of going. And their hooves are a lot healthier then
I have ever seen. This is the first year I have been able to
keep them all barefoot and still ride them continually. So I
would give it a try. Barefoot and a natural trim. 

Lynette wrote:
> tom walker
>    My horses feet are not growing his frogs very well. Does anyone know of anything to make them grow faster.
>                                   thanks
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