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Re:CTR: leg wrapping

              I have a question for a friend.  We're going to do our first
competitive trail ride in Sept and she's going to be using her quarter horse.
 Her horse has low pasterns and she usually uses performance boots to give
him more support which seems to keep the windpuffs down.  I found out that
the boots aren't allowed on the ride.  What can she do to wrap that would be
allowed and would also give him support on his back legs.
Dear Jen:  Absolutely nothing in the way of a wrap is allowed during the course of a CTR.  That means from the time the horse is presented to the veterinarian at check-in on Friday until check-out on Sunday afternoon.  You can use water or ice on the legs after each day's ride or stand the horse in buckets filled with water, but no wrap or bandage is allowed during competition.

Gretchen Patterson, R4


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