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Re: Crupper

Presently Iamriding 3 different mares with three different shapes, one needs nothing, one needs a breast collar but ony for consistantly steep (steepest) of up hills and the other needs  crupper, but only for consistantly steep steepest of down hills.  Since I seldom know who or what terraine I'm ridding next, I try to keep all extra equipment in the Trailer, that works until my dear husband reorganizes for the next adventure, someimes this can be a disaster.
Joan and the "girls"
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From: Catherine Foster <>
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Date: Friday, July 30, 1999 11:48 AM
Subject: RC: Crupper

Hi everyone,
Just a quick question about tack.  I have a sport saddle.  My saddle doesn't seem to fit this horse that well.  I took it to a saddle maker and he shimmed the tree, filled in the holes so the tree sat on his back and the whole tree lay on his back rather than bits and pieces of it..  But now I have a problem and I am not sure if this is the way to go.  So I am hoping that someone else has a horse shaped like my guy.
Ty has a very straight back, he does not have that natural saddle 'hollow'.  Although he does have a decent wither but where the base of the wither is to his hip is perfectly flat.  He has come in lame twice, both rides had lots of downhill.  My saddle maker feels that my saddle is shifting forward, which in turn is causing pressure points above his shoulders.  And when it slips forward the whole tree stops fitting.  When he had the tree exposed and he moved the saddle forward about an inch and half forward the tree no longer evenly remained on his back.  So he suggested a crupper to keep the saddle from moving forward.  I also already use a breast collar to stop it from sliding back. 
This saddle (Sharon Saare) which I love, was built for my other horse and didn't need all the extras to keep in place.  But he had a 'D' back and this guy probably a 'C'.  I just can't afford to replace this saddle, I need a new horse trailer too.
So how do you all feel about cruppers??
Thanks Cathy
PS post me privately to save on list clutter.

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