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Re: Spouse support

Ed:  You are a lucky man.  I think you should print the post you wrote,
frame it, and give it to your wife.
Jan Mutchler (who has the perfect husband)
Littleton, CO
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Date: Sunday, August 29, 1999 8:10 PM
Subject: RC: Spouse support

>Having casually followed the thread on spouse support, I thought that I
>share with you my experience.
>   My wife had not been very interested in horses or endurance riding. I
>started this endurance stuff 2 years ago. I had been on 8 rides prior to
>last weekend over these last 2 years. My wife had never shown any interest
>coming. That was OK as long as I could go and do my thing. She occasionally
>moaned about being an "endurance widow" although I didn't think that I was
>gone that much.
>   This weekend she came along with me to the GERA Classic. She loved it.
>loved the camping, the people she met, the excitement of the race and even
>enjoyed crewing for me.
>    She had never done anything like it before. She was a great crew! She
>everything ready at the vet check and took great care of my horse and she
>even sponged me down! Couldn't get any better. As I was preparing to leave
>the VC she asked if I was supposed to give the horse his electrolytes. She
>remembered having never done this before while I had forgotten. Saved us
>trouble for sure.  She was the best rooting squad that I have ever had too.
>She was telling me that I could top ten and I told her to look around at
>those fit Arabs. How was I going to get up front with all those horses with
>their "made for endurance" horses? She just persisted and told me that
>"Sawyer could do it."  He did it.
>   Plus, I never ate so well on a ride trip before. Usual fare is kippered
>herring on crackers and she had brought marinated beef, a seafood salad, a
>luscious cold melon soup and much more.
>    She even had a couple of shirts made up, that she wore, with a horse on
>front and "Endurance Wife" on the front and a verse from the Bible about
>endurance on the back.
>    The best thing was that I enjoyed her company so much and she brought a
>whole new joy to the sport for me. To share the challenge and the fun with
>someone you love makes it so much more fulfilling.
>    So the bottom line is, I love my horse and I love riding but if it
>down to either the horse or her....
>             It is her for sure!
>Ed Roley, Sawyer and their new crewmember....Debbie
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