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Re: hoof dressing&Medication

In a message dated 8/28/99 1:58:20 AM EST, writes:

<<  Maybe iodine is OK to take internally, but my mother always rubbed it on
 me when I got hurt.  I think she just wanted to see me squirm.
   Next summer, probably 2 weeks in July, I plan to use it, on the horses, as
 a preventative measure.
    Sherman, in the north central Florida backwoods community of Gainesville 

Hi Sherman and neighbor,

I live 35miles N of Orlando in a little wistle stop called Sorrento, its 
between Sanford to the east and Mont Dora to the west.

Sounds interesting about the iodine as a topical, I don't know if this 
editable iodine is new or what but you have to get it from a Vet and it says 
its used for deficiencies.  Don't ask me of what, I can't seem to find out 
anything .  I swear, feet problems in a horse is the hardest things to pry 
out of a farrier or Vets. month as anything I've ever seen, but I keep trying 
and hopefuly I'll come up with some answers.  If she is deficient I want to 
know so I can prevent it from happening again, I've owned horses for 15yrs 
and have never ran across anything like this before.  I was up to Ocala 
yesterday and talked to a farrier and he said it sounds like white line 
decease to him and he said that every affected bit of hoof wall would have to 
be removed so the air could get at it and apply meththyolaid and shoes until 
the whole hoof grows out.  My farrier cut them off just below where they 
stopped comming off but not above the sole.  She's not sore at all so I'm 
going to continue on the current treatment for a couple more weeks and see 
how that goes, keep your fingers crossed.


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