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Re: A Boy Named Sue

When we purchased Jabask Knight we had to pick a barn name for him.  On the
way home with him in tow, I tried to think of a name for Jabask.  Nothing
came to mind.  So then I began to think of Knight.  All of a sudden the
song, Good Night Irene came to mind.  Now who will ever forget a stallion
with a name like Irene.  So, we tried it and it just kind of stuck.  So now
everyone knows him as Irene.  He is kind, gentle, just full of himself and
does run with an attitude.  Just a great horse to ride.  He is a dark bay,
long black mane and stands an honest 15-2 and 1/2 hands.  Jerry
Hickory Ridge Arabians web page:

On Sun, 29 Aug 1999, wrote...
>Jerry, great story!!!  Thanks for posting it to us... What is the story with 
>Irene's name?  I'm sure there is one.  Its kinda like a boy named Sue, eh?

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