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IAHA Swanton finishes

Ok - folks - i certainly heard it wrong.

Zane grey - the winner of swanton pacific - is a purebred
arabian stallion.  He won both the regular and IAHA rides.

The top IAHA finishers - not necessarily the regular ride
1. 68A kathy thompson - zane grey
2. 11A godfrey sullivan
3. 23A judith ogust
   kiki leuther - non iaha
4. 12A laurie ledbetter
   michele shaw
5. 70A susan summers
   dennis summers
6. 17A judy reens  at 2353
    r.smith  2354
7. 3A j templeton  0005
8. 48A s huff  00055+
9. 35A judy houle 0007

note the numbers represent iaha finish order.


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