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Fat Pac

Judy, in reply to your questions:

"I am curious to learn more about Fat Pac after seeing it mentioned a couple
of times  on here.  What is it and where does one get it. "

What it is:    Start to Finish
                     Energy Pak 100
Ingredients: Animal Fat, Preservatives (including BHA and BHT), others
    Analysis:  Crude fat 99.0%

Where to get it: Milk Specialties Co.
                           Dundee, IL 60118

Note: For the record, for anyone who collects data: When I put my gelding on
it to try to add weight, he gradually accepted eating it. However, at the
next ride, his pulse hung at 68 for almost 20 minutes, and an hour after the
ride it was still at 60. The only thing I had varied was the Fat Pac. He had
always dropped to 60 or less within 3 to 5 minutes at holds, and was
typically down to 36 or so an hour post ride. I immediately took him off the
stuff and haven't had pulse problems since. I know that some other horses do
fine on it, but mine did not.
Mary Fields

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