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Boarding anyone ?

I have just moved back to No. Va. and have written Ridecamp for guidance on 
a couple of matters (scratches and farriers) and have been overwhelmed by 
the good advice that has come my way.  So, here I go again....I would love 
to find a small private barn, with pasture (no barbed wire) where I could 
board my horses.  The big boarding establishments just don't give the kind 
of care I like my kids to have and they also tend to be way expensive and 
have lots of cool stuff like indoor arenas and jumper set-ups that I don't 
use. I have a 8 yr old gelding and a 2 yr old filly.  I work in DC. 
Originally I was looking for a place where I could also live (renting a room 
or a garage apt or ?) but, that hasn't worked out.  I work in DC.  I'd be so 
grateful if anyone who has a set up that would accommodate two more horses 
(and, maybe their owner) please write me privately.

Many thanks,


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