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High resting heart-rate

Barb Peck
Barb Peck

RE: High resting heart rate


There's a group of us who ride together.
All of the horses have a resting heart rate of between
32 & 40 bpm, except one Morgan, who's resting rate is 52.

This horse is a powerhouse, who motors up hill, walks fast
and recovers fast, but not too often below 50 bpm.

This horse has had points off (CTR) for not recovering
to 44bpm.  The owner found out the horse was hypothyroid
and he now gets daily Thyro-L.

Could this horse just have a high resting rate (52 seems
pretty high to me) or could it be elevated due to Thyro-L
(maybe the horse needs a blood test to see if the dose is too high??)

I think the horses electrolyte balance is OK  (He's supplemented
if we ride on  really hot humid days, and he gets an excellent
diet and care.

52 bpm resting rate just seems too high to me...


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