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At 08:37 AM 08/26/1999 -0700, owens wrote:
>Well...I don't know when you did this, but I am sure that it wasn't when
>gasoline was $1.72.9+/gallon or when a good truck sold for around
>$30-40K new.

Travel expenses are quite high...usually costs more to get to a ride than 
the entry fee.

Just wanted to my AERC survey.

#14  How much $ do you spend annually on the following equine related items:

So how do I figure out how much I spend annually on my Truck & Trailers if 
it isn't an annual purchase (could you imagine?)  hehe.

The same for Horse Purchases.  Do they want to know how much our horses 
cost to purchase?

Do I ammortize these things over a period of years or just leave it blank?

Under Misc. I put $5,000.00.  = gas and entry fees (they didn't ask that so 
I put it in for them!)

And am I lying if, on number 17 if I check "NO" to "Have you ever sustained 
a serious injury during training or competition?"  (well, I haven't been 
hurt during or while riding .....but does afterwards at an event count?)  <bg>

oh oh oh, one more!  On #35 they want to know "Besides paying dues to AERC, 
what do you contribute to the sport?  They list a bunch of things, but 
"Ride Volunteer" isn't one of them.  If you are not either a RM, Ride Sec, 
Ride Vet, Recorder (is that like a timer or a vet secretary?), or P&R taker 
you don't get to count.  They don't ask if you contribute as a "rider" 
either.  There is a spot for "Crew" though, but seems to me that somebody 
that 'marks trail' (aka ride volunteer) contributes more than a crew (as 
most riders don't actually require a crew)

We all got a cover letter which explains the Post-Ride Rider Survey 
Form.  We are told that if you have never experienced a problem with your 
horse after leaving a ride site, just hang on to the form for future use......

who words these things?  For future use.  Eeeek?  Are they assuming that we 
will all need this form in the future?  How about we say "in case", or "for 
possible future use".  Now I'll carry around this form with me forever 
thinking that I may need it!!  (okay, I'm just joking around.....sorta)


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