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One suggeston a friend of mine made once when we were talking about points (for a
local club award) was what another club she was in did.  They awarded one point
per horse you beat.  Therefore hauling to a ride with 10-12 entries and top
tenning wouldn't automatically give you more points than top tenning on a ride
with more entries.  I thought it sounded like a good idea, and plan to bring it
up at our local club meeting in Nov. (if I can remembewr that long...).

DreamWeaver wrote:

> Besides, when you've got a rider in one region competing against 10 times
> as many entries in their rides it is hardly fair to use the existing point
> system to judge who should be National Champion.  I mean come on, even I
> have figured out (duh) that if I travel a long distance to another ride
> that is only going to have 10 entries that I'm probably going to top ten
> versus going to a ride in my own region where there are going to be over
> 100 entries and a lot more competitive type people.   If you are doing
> 100's then the point spread can be huge between a rider in one region whose
> 100's never have more than a dozen or two entries and one that nearly
> always has at least 60 riders or sometimes more than 200.  At some 100's
> you just have to complete and be in the top ten, others you can complete in
> a very good time on a really tough course and not be anywhere near the top
> ten.  Am I making any sense?  (I know what I want to say but it's not
> coming out right)

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