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Long X a rousing success!

My daughter and I just returned from our first try of the Long X (Watford
City, ND) 2-day 100, and thought we'd pass along what fun was had by all. 
The trail was through the ND badlands and very scenic in many places,
WELL-MARKED!!! and moderately challenging over-all.  I was astounded to
learn that the organizers - Lynnette Helgeson and Teresa Van Hove - had
never put on a ride before, and they really deserve huge appreciation for
getting together such a good vet and support team and organizing everything
so well!  I have seen MANY rides this summer with MANY more years of
experience who have not done so well!  Hope we can all give our
appreciation and encouragement to any and all who would like to take the
plunge into being ride managers.  We need many more, and we ought to do our
best to see that it is not such a thankless job!  Way to go!  Mary Burgess

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