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How many people will ruin horses trying?

Teddy wrote:

> In a message dated 8/24/99 12:36:20 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
> writes:
> <<  For what it's worth (probably not
>  much), I think 1000 miles in a season is a helluva lot.  Doable yes, but
>  how many years will a horse last doing 1000 miles a year? >>
> Gives you something to look up to, doesn't it?  A horse that deserves to be
> champion will hold up to that just fine.  A horse that doesn't deserve to be
> champion won't get there in the first place.  That's the point.  And as for
> do-able--I've managed it twice over the years on a shoestring, so it IS
> within reach of those who don't have a millionaire uncle.
> Heidi

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