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aerc questionair

thank you for the answer, however only the single responses should be
counted. i.e. one per form.  the instructions did not state that.    i
assume you know statistical methodology and realize any multi-answer on
a form pollutes the entire sample rendering it useless.
although i sent the original message to aerc, i have yet to hear from
them. perhaps they are looking for a way to salvage the effort.

"Michael K. Maul" wrote:

> When I last talked with the AERC office via e-mail - I mentioned
> the comment about what does a family do with just one
> questionnaire...
> The suggested response is that you should copy the questionnaire
> - one for each member - and return all of them.
> this is in response to
> *****************
> 2)  question '1.' is: Male, Female, Aerc ID number, (small space) and
> memberships type: single or family.  the only way the results will be
> meaningful is if each individual completes their personal form. for
> instance question 8, how long you been riding.  if a family answers
> question, both riders may have different numbers, thus the statistical

> results will be skewed.  same as question 11 and many more.
> 3) question 10 will be skewed if a family answers etc.
> 4)  all questionnaires returned completed for families will produce
> less than meaningful results
> *****************
> Mike

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