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National Championship Ride

The AERC shouldn't discontinue a championship ride after just one year
just because it didn't have as many entries as it could have. It will
take awhile for folks to warm up to the idea, but I think that
eventually it will catch on.
There have been different ways over the past twenty years that the
national champions have been determined.  All ways of determining this
have their flaws.  It seems that this new way tries to deal with the
Some of us may never try for a national championship.  Some will.  A
national champion isn't necessarily the best horse...what do we want to
do about that?  Take bloodlines, measurements, treadmill tests,
bloodtests, and every other type of test we can think of and figure it
out on a computer?  Hey, less miles and travel!  Much less stress on the
horse...and, hey, zero saddle fit and rider error problems!
Just because some of us didn't enter the championship ride is no excuse
to belittle the ones who did.  Maybe the next time the ride is in your
area, you'll have the horse and the timing right to enter it, and you
could be a national champion!  
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