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family responses to the AERC questionaire

When I last talked with the AERC office via e-mail - I mentioned
the comment about what does a family do with just one 

The suggested response is that you should copy the questionaire
- one for each member - and return all of them.

this is in response to
2)  question '1.' is: Male, Female, Aerc ID number, (small space) and
memberships type: single or family.  the only way the results will be
meaningful is if each individual completes their personal form. for
instance question 8, how long you been riding.  if a family answers the
question, both riders may have different numbers, thus the statistical
results will be skewed.  same as question 11 and many more.
3) question 10 will be skewed if a family answers etc.
4)  all questionnaires returned completed for families will produce many
less than meaningful results



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