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Re: fat/sluggish - ANSWERS

    What I have used to put weight on Critters that I and friends have used
is a little bit of CORN OIL ( start off with one table spoon in their feed
for a few days mix well) then gradually increase.

     After the critters get used to it in their feed, they will ready accept
additional dosage.
     If they get too high us Bee Pollen to take the edge off, using the same
dosing method as above.

    Remember take it easy do not expect a drastic change overnight, this
method is also go to maintain weight when in heavy training.

    Beware of the Bee Pollen if you use tooo much, they will really mellow

    The interesting part of this scenario is when you stop they really us
the time to rest and great P&R's, as the ride continues they still come on
like gangbusters without being excessively spontaneous in their brains.
enjoy and read your partner. steven

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> Kristi
> Thanks to all who responded to my fat/sluggish question.
> Here's the feedback I've gotten so far (for those of you curious):
> I was asked if his teeth had been checked, if his saddle fit,
> and if I was conditioning too much. Answers are yes, yes, no.
> (good thinking, though - I checked all these out right away when the
> problem started)
> I got an email that was what I was hoping for - someone else
> saw the same results (no weight gain and sluggishness)when she
> used Fuel Formula - will take my horse off it pronto.
> How to put weight on? Responders like rice bran, shredded beat
> pulp, and a supplement called FatPack.
> Thanks again!!! Kristi
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