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Fwd: RC: How old is too old?

This is an interesting question since we have TRID to retire our 24 year old 
mare (25 in Feb!). She won't quit though. I too would be more than a little 
interested in the ages of horses, perhaps 20 plus years old, who are still 
competing in LD, 50, and multiday/100s.  Can each of you who has a candidate 
like this post it to the list? Also, if you find a particular training or 
care regime necessary, add that too! Thanks! This is really a terrific 
subject, as many are riding their horses longer.

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A friend of mine is successfully competing in endurance on a 21 year old
Arabian gelding, however, he just came up lame in his last ride.  She is
wondering how much longer he will be able to continue in his career.
Does anyone know the age of the oldest horse top tenning in endurance?


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