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PLEASE PRAY for Cevi!!!

Juliua Stroup and Cevi Arnold
This is Juliua Stroup and we have been doin endurance for many years now although over the last two years due to a neck injury I've been doing more P&R's then riding.  On August 12th my twin daughters Cevi and Shary Arnold were in a near fatal car accident (they're 16 years old and were not driving). Cevi was flown to Harborview Hospital via chopper with five broken verterbrae (three cervical and two thoracic).  She lost a kidney and her spleen and is REALLY fighting.  Our Lord has been so good to us through this, but we really need additional prayers. I could NEVER imagine feeling the pain I do and haven't been handling this very well, but I do have hope in Jesus to pull her through.  She's already had four surgeries with another coming next week to fuse C4 through T1.  She broke C1, C5 and shattered C7 and don't know how much mobility she'll get back but are pushing for EVERYTHING!!  Ask that you get all of us endurance people to pray for a full recovery, PLEASE!!  Thanks. -Juliua

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