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Re: RC: sport medicine boots

The only problem with cornstarch is that it will feed bacteria & yeast in that
nice warm, dark environment under the boots.  Doubly so if there is any skin
irritation for an infection to take hold in.   That's the reason it is strongly
discouraged when we teach new mothers at the hospital.  Baby powder (without corn
starch) is much safer.

Better yet, strencthen your horse's tendons so that he doesn't need the
"support".  Less tack is better, in my opinion.  (Fewer things to rub or go

Linda Flemmer
Teddy Lancaster wrote:

> If you do decide to use protective boots, put cornstarch (or baby powder) in
> them.  Take them off at every vet check and reapply with cornstarch again.
> Think about it.  Cornstarch is used on babies to absorb moisture and prevent
> scalding.  If it works on babies behinds, it will work on horses legs.  It is
> used at the racetracks all the time..but they are only going a short distance
> compared to what we do.
> Rides 2 Far wrote:
> > On Sun, 22 Aug 1999 08:08:14 EDT writes:
> > >Have any of you used the sport medicine boots at a ride?  I am riding
> > >at the >GERA ride in Georgia (50 miler) and wonder if the >heat and
> > water >crossings >could cause any kind of irritation on the legs?  I like
> > the tendon >support >they give the horse but I >don't know if distance
> > riding is what they >are >intended for.
> >
> > When they first came out some people were trying them and I remember Ann
> > Stuart DVM giving a speech at a post-ride meeting saying, "people LOOK
> > what they're doing to your horses!"  The horses wearing them did have bad
> > sand rubs...that's bound to make a horse travel differently trying to
> > avoid the pain and start a domino soreness effect.  I have only seen one
> > horse use them in the last year or so and saw the horse in the BC judging
> > with pink rubs on his socks.
> >
> >  I hate even having to ride with splint boots because of the added heat.
> > SMB's are more restrictive.  I do have a pair that I got in a trade, and
> > have loaned them to my uncle's mare who had a bad tendon and they helped
> > her.
> >
> > Dawson Forest is not a place where I'd worry about tendons.  I'd worry
> > about heat, gravel and concussion.
> >
> > Angie
> >
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