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Re: Mule wanted

Hi Julie,  I have a wonderful 21/2 yr old appy mule I would probably sell to
the right people.  He is just about at 15 hands now.  His full sister and
brother were both about 16 hands.  His full sister was national champion
color halter mule a few years back.   One of his brothers is "Uncle Chester"
3 time all around performance world champion and another brother is "Jake
Brake"  world champion green western mule and res. world champion green
english mule.  All around hi point perf. mule at Winnemuca (have no idea how
to spell that). A huge show in Az.     His name is "Uncle Tyler".  He has a
kind disposition and is one of the prettiest movers you have ever seen.  He
is very correct well balanced  has wild appy color , great feet and nice
size bone.  I own his sire "Knedlink" and have sold his mom    to a
neighbor.  If you are interested , e-mail me privately and I will try to
figure out how to email you some photos of him.   Gesa Brinks
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>I have looked everywhere and can't find Mules. Does anyone know where I
>could find big young mules? Julie
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