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Re: The Chronicle of the Horse

LOL.  I'm a featherweight, so that making weight thing was pretty funny.  I
never thought about having to make weight (nowhere close to that level
anyway,), but I quite enjoyed the article.  I'd love to see the unedited


PS.  If I ever DID get to the level of having to make weight, I guess I'd
have to use a saddle, huh?  Either that or hang, well, a large amount of
weight around my neck.

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From: Rides 2 Far <>

The Chronicle of the Horse put out an endurance issue July 27 and there
are several articles from it at their web of them mine. :-)
When they asked me on very short notice to write an article on "Making
the Weight" I managed to get one out, but worried that it was a little
"bizaare" for their readers.  They did a good job editing it, and removed
the entire bizaare twist (sorry Scott Rickard...they took out your
"useing squirrels for live weights" idea.  I've still got the original
version and I think this crowd would like it.  I'll find out if they mind
me letting you see it sometime.  If you'd like to see the articles
they're at:

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