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Rocky Mountain Ride--question


Many of us from the Midwest have gone to the ride over the last 3 years.
All of the reading I have done says that to go to altitude, you should go
right before the ride or allow at least 3 weeks for acclimation.  In the 3
years I have gone to the ride, I have never seen a horse have an altitude
problem.  As a matter of fact, I cannot think of a flatlander horse that
was pulled for metabolics.  I plan to arrive in Arlington on Saturday,
allowing the horse a chance to recover from the trailer ride, and last year
Rocky finished all 5 days.  Unfortunately, this year he found a rock with
his name on it and cut his fetlock.  So we only did 3 days.  

If you need a place to stay coming across country, I live a few miles off
Interstate 80 just west of Iowa City.  We have a hay field you would be
welcome to camp in.  

Lynne Himmelreich


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