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Re: RC: Correction to Difficult story PAC

In a message dated 8/8/99 11:40:35 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

 I understand that.  Even if it were an AERC it would be legal to have a
 30 min. penalty under AERC rules if you published it in advance.  I
 simply think the reason nobody has ever done this at an AERC ride is that
 it's an overly severe penalty that is unnecessary. >>

A couple of years ago at the Tevis we were told at the Forresthill vet check 
that if we tried to P&R in and our horse wasn't down, we'd be penalized 20 
minutes.  I'm not sure if that was actually true (we had the ONE cranky 
volunteer I've ever met at the gate to that vet check).  It was really 
crowded and hectic and I'm assuming that the rationale was to keep people 
from just hanging around there until their horse was down.  I definitely 
wasn't in top ten contention, but at the Tevis 20 minutes can make or break 
you.  Luckily, we didn't have a problem.  Could this guy have just been 
yanking my chain?  He also yelled at me for having crew with me in the P&R 
area.  He's lucky I didn't just burst into tears (my tear ducts were too 
clogged with dust though, so he got a break). My wonderful crew did offer to 
go back and beat the crud out of him for me, but I declined.   Anybody else 
have this experience at Forresthill, then or since?  (Not the wanting to cry, 
but the 20 minute penalty thing).


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