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Re: RC: Correction to Difficult story PAC

>I was told that this is not an AERC ride and when I look in the 
>Endurance News - it is not listed on the calendar.
>It is under FEI riules - not those of the AERC.

I understand that.  Even if it were an AERC it would be legal to have a
30 min. penalty under AERC rules if you published it in advance.  I
simply think the reason nobody has ever done this at an AERC ride is that
it's an overly severe penalty that is unnecessary.

>I was also told
>that there was no requirement for a breakout of the reasons 
>for the pulls and that there might not be one.

That's logical.  We hire good vets so they can act on their gut feelings.
 It's no time to argue against their better judgement.

Angie McGhee & Kaboot
Wildwood, GA

I would not change my horse with any that treads.  When I bestride him I
soar; I am a hawk.

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