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Was there any proof that the ibuprofen caused the bleeding that
not be stopped? Would she have bleed like that whether she had
the ibuprofen or not? Did the doctors say, "if this women had
not taken
the ibuprofen for her headache, she would be just fine today."

If one or two tablets could cause uncontrollable bleeding you
would think
that they would list that as a warning on the label. You would
think that
there would be people fighting to have it taken off the shelves,
their loves ones bled to death because of a pain remedy. I am
sure that an 
overdose could do this, but one tablet? Just questioning the
logic here, not
saying that anyone is wrong. :-)

I know that one isolated incident is not going to keep me from
using ibuprofen.
Tylenol does nothing for me, but ibuprofen keeps me in the
saddle, even though
I have bad knees and arthritis.  


Maggie Mieske wrote:
> Don't take any pain reliever that might also be a blood thinner (ibuprofen,
> aspirin, any others???) as if you are hurt or injured this could screw up
> your blood clotting abilities.  I know of a rider who came off her horse
> warming up before a ride, had a headache, took some ibuprofen and was again
> later thrown from her horse after the halfway point... she had bleeding in
> her brain that could not be stopped and she was and still is in serious
> trouble.  After some time in the hospital, she is now not able to ride for
> the next year... can't even go and sit in Ridecamp with fellow riders.  We
> have been passing around the word since it happened not to take any drug
> that can thin your blood.  I think Tylenol is the pain reliever of choice
> in this case.
> Maggie

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