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Pan Ams on site

Paddi Sprecher
The Pan Am site is beginning to look like a small city. Rigs have been pulling in for the last couple days. The horses all seem to have arrived in good form and the riders look good. Myna and jane and the volunteers are doing a great job at keeping everyone organized and the show rolling. Scott Janes husband is the computer guru who has been working hard to make sure you will have results on race day.
 Jerald Theissen the crew we auctioned off to Lari shea started off the week with a blaze of glory. we woke up at 3 am to find his motor home on fire. No one was hurt but the motor home went up in less then 3 minutes. Scared Trish Dowling and me to death. Jerald was running arround naked but his wife saved his vanity by saving his shorts:-). It was the maiden voyage of the honey suckle rose which Trish renamed the honeysuckle roast. His poor wife Merilee said damn back to camping in a tent. jerald had managed to save the tent. Everyone go check out your gas lines in your rigs.
There are hot (real hot ) showers.
The weather was real hot by Canada standards but has cooled off to a comfortable 72 in the day. So far no rain. It gets chilly at night.
We got here early to help set up. Rita and Tom Swift were here already. I have had a blast with Rita. She has given me a new hair do and a makeover:-D This women is a riot.
Kerri Jo Smithhurst has been giving massagages . It's like being at a luxury spa.
The trails are looking good and well marked. I rode the 10 mile yellow loop with Myna(thanks for the use of the horse Myna) The sand is real deep and we weren't even into the dunes. It is beautiful trail with spruce and pine trees. The parks department has mowed the whole trail.
If I can sneak back onto the computer i will try to keep you updated.
I will be phoning Susan Jaeger of the Endurance riders of Alberta on race day to keep her updated and she will post to ridecamp.
Happy Trails to all
Paddi Sprecher
Canadian Trail House

I don't have an email address I can open here so I can't answer emails.

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