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Tevis Coverage

We hope you've enjoyed the photos and stories so far.  We have a 
*ton* of stories and photos from today and even yesterday to upload, 
so look for updates tonight.  If you want bigger versions of any 
photos that appear in our section of the web coverage, check with me 
after the ride...way after.  ;-)

Some updates on ridecampers, as much as I could notice while either 
looking through a viewfinder or into my laptop's screen:

Potato got pulled at Foresthill.
Natalie is still going strong
John DiPietra pulled at Robinson, lameness
Heather Begantz is in the top ten out of FH
Gesa Brinks was in at Foresthill, about 1/2 hr before cutoff.
Karen Chaton headed out of FH about 8:ish (times approximate due to 
fuzzy brain)
Sharon Truax I last saw at Robinson, don't know how she did beyond
Mike Maul was passing his hold time at FH as we left 8:30ish
R. Fiedler was leading the ride out of FH after Potato's pull
Roger Garlitz was doing well through FH
Nick Warhol and Warpaint looked really good as they left FH, and Judy 
seems happy.
Debby Lyon is recovering from surgery on her spleen, she has at least 
one broken rib after a horse in front lost its rider after Squaw, 
saddle slipped under belly, panicked and ran at the oncoming riders 
on a singletrack rocky trail (report from Lori Oleson, one of those 
riders whose horse got injured, Debby's horse reportedly went over 
backwards.  A horrible scenario.  She was airlifted out.  Lori had to 
pull later in the ride due to leg injuries from this.

Steve Shaw is running top ten.  Clown looked really good at MB.  Will 
post a photo.

Boyd Zontelli left in 2nd place out of FH.

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and Linda Cowles, Julie Herrera, Lorraine Baker

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