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Re: Spider Wrap

Ok, lemme try it this way.. too bad I can't send an attatchment of a drawing
of'd be easier.

>This is an interesting thing but darn, I just can't seem to envision
>what it looks like.  Please try describing it again!  Lif

Ya start w/ a square or rectangle (your choice) of cloth. On two opposing
sides, you cut strips into the cloth, making tassles almost on those sides.
 ------|                |-----
-------|                |-----
-------|                |-----

Or something like that, with the strips actually 1/4 inch wide. You wrap
this around the leg, with the tassles on the side (outside) of the leg. You
tie/knot/secure the first tassle. Then when you tie the second, you make
sure the one above it is tucked underneath, and so on, so there are no loose
ends. The bottom one you tuck underneath itself, the one above, or where
ever you can get it.

Does that help? If  not, I might get desperate and take a pic and post it on
my webpage or something... that is if my scanner worked.


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