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OK OK  So I am sitting here depressed because I am not at the Tevis...Temp 100 here...
My horse Bo (Fa Al Badi+/) out there SUNNING himself...he can do Houston in the summer!
But this is about SWEAT.  We are building a new house...I am painting hands are sore...I put on the old latex gloves...know how much SWEAT hangs out in the tips of the gloves????  I bet I could get a 1/4 cup out...NO JOKE.  I mean 1/2 inch of the tips are pours out my wrist...(great spots on the wood) and fills up again... I drink and drink and never have to pee!
Why am I telling you this?  Just think how much water your horse looses (and you) that you can't measure because it is not in a latex glove!
Stay cool, and wishing everyone luck on the Tevis today!
Louise Burton
Firedance Farms Endurance Arabians

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