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VT 100 endurance

I was a crew person for the VT 50. We used well over 100 gallons of water 
cooling our horse. We also used a scraper to scrape off water in between 
pouring water on as it doesn't evaporate in high humidity and can make your 
horse warmer. Alot of people are not aware of the devastating effect of high 
humidity. I agree with Bob Morris who said education of riders is crucial. Vt 
is also a tough ride to start with. People are not aware what steep downhills 
do to the horse from other areas of the country.
Unfortunately all walks of life and sports have some jerks. There was a man 
on the ride after being pulled,  refused treatment for his horse. The horse 
became seriously ill and had to be taken to the clinic at Rochester.
I think VT was very well run and as someone pointed out had weather that 
occurs on other east coast rides.
Jane Lietzke

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