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Spider Wrap

Okay guys - I am going through the grueling process of deleting about 300
ridecamp posts and thought WHOOOOAAA! -- a tiny tidbit of leg wrap trivia
based upon a recent blab with one of my clients (i massage his horses). 
This trainer works at Mountaineer racetrack - TB racing in WVA.  His main
grumble is out of the hundreds of horses and trainers there, there's only
about 3 REAL horsemen.  You know, back in the good old days more existed
- grooms that did more than just groom horses, etc. etc.  Anyhoooo, he
was doing a strange leg-wrap whilst we were doing our blab.  "What in the
world is that wrap you are using?" I ask.  'It's a spider wrap." he
answers.  Hmmm.  A long, rectangular  piece of cotton gauze material with
long, dangling fringe on both sides of it.  Hmmm.  If I remember
correctly, he placed it OVER the other leg wrap layers - simply one long,
rectangular piece of material simply covering the cannon bone, and I
believe, down to the pasturn with the edges (i.e. long-fringed edges)
meeting in the front of the leg.  Then the fringe is BRAIDED together
down the front of the leg.  The reason for this contraption? To gently
hold the underwrap together, but letting the leg breathe, or letting the
leg move easily - not be too controlled by the wrap. (You know, it
probably wasn't a regular wrap underneath, but more like a poultice.)  He
said it's an oldie that not many people do these days.  Hmmmm.  Working
at a horse show more recently, a trainer had heard of this spider wrap
deal.  What do ya'll know about this?  Only the oldies know about spider
wrap??  Any youngies?????  Waiting to hear!

Burning Ears Karen in PA

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