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Dane Seeks Horse for Big South Fork

Once again, my young friend, Heidi Olsen from Copenhagan, Denmark will be
visiting this summer.  She will be attending the Big South Fork multi-day
with us.  She completed the 25 there last year on my nine year old twin's
mare and would love to do a 50 this year.  Unfortunately, we don't have an
extra horse conditioned and capable.  If anyone has a horse available for
one or more days at this ride, we'd be eternally grateful.  Of course, we
will cover any expenses and costs and even a lease situation.  She is 23
years old and an excellent horsewoman and a superb, soft-handed rider, with
a background in dressage and eventing.  She will ride to your specifications
at all times, and with you if that is your desire.  I will also be riding
with her.

Many thanks!

Susan Swope-Attardi
AERC Southeast Region

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