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conditioning stallions

Hi Ridecampers,
Getting our stallion started on a conditioning program and was hoping
for any input that might pertain especially to stallions to help me
along.  Right now, a lot of his conditioning includes "training" as in
when NOT to whinny at mares or other horses...he's a fast learner.  I
have heard some things I am not sure about.  One thing I heard was that
stallions tend to keep themselves in better condition because of their
nature and tendency to be more physical...I know our stallion does a lot
of trotting in his pasture.  I have also heard they tend to have higher
pulse rates.  I have discovered that our guy has a lower resting rate
than anybody else on the place!  He also is hard pressed to break 110
bpm at an extended trot (I haven't worried about starting any galloping
yet) and drops like a rock when we slow down.  Of course, this is NOT at
a ride and I am sure that will be a whole different ballgame.  But I am
curious to hear others observations about their stallions or stallions
they have known.  I appreciate any and all advice! 

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