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Vt100 and cruelty

Cone on folks. This race had a RECORD number of human non-finishers. Those
guys were doing their best to survive and finnish just as the riders were. I
serially doubt that any rider or runner was running/ridding at a pace they
did not think they could keep up. The first place runner was 45 minutes
ahead of the pack at the 40 mile horse hold. At 78, his pacers were
squirting water on his hands to keep them from going numb, At 84, he had no
feeling below his shoulders and was peeing blood.

This was conditions that no one was used to and some serious learning went

The woman leader at mile 40 was pulled from the race at 84 because she had
lose 8 pounds.

On the other hand, last year's winner looked like he hadn't even bee out for
a walk at mile 90 and finished 2nd by 30 minutes. The eventual winner was
throwing up at mile 90.

Steve's horse who trotted up heartbreak hill was pulled for a stone bruise,
not metabolic. He was 1 hour in front of the other riders.

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