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Re: RC: Re: CIDs

See, here is what I think is a problem. Why cull a good stallion ( and
yes I know there may be too many stallions out there anyway) just because
of a positive test, when it would be a simple thing to breed it out in a
generation or two anyway? The problem seems to be that people will
eliminate perfectly good bloodstock just because it has a 50% chance of
passing on a gene that won't be fatal unless paired with the same one
from the mother. And I don't think that the majority of people on the
lists I am on are trying to keep it under wraps. It's been a great tool
to avoid the cross of two carriers together, but it should not determine
the future focus of your breeding programs... since it can be avoided. 
YOu can bet if I owned the last mare of whatever given line and she was a
carrier that I would not cull her based on that alone. I would take my
chances with the foals if it were that important a mare to carry on. Same
with a stallion. 
I also don't think that mares abort CID positive fetuses preferentially
over any other abortion. It's a non sequitur. The disease only shows up
after the foal is born because it in essence can't defend itself from
"bugs" once the mother's antibody protection is gone. 
Please, don't be close minded to this problem as far as breeding stock
goes. Test, yes, and make sensible breeding decisions based on the
testing, but don't assume that the horse can't be used for breeding ever
again because of it. 
That's aimed at the Arab people and other breeders in general. 
(Flame suit going on! :) )
Gwen Dluehosh DVM

On Wed, 14 Jul 1999 10:32:54 -0600 "Visions of the Wind"
<> writes:
>(There may, of course, be more SCID fetuses that are aborted before
>foaling). The Arabian community is trying to keep SCID under wraps, 
>but>many, many responsible breeders are having their breeding stock
>and>are culling ruthlessly. Myself included. I had fully intended to
>my>stallion if he turned out to be SCID positive (he was negative).
>Stephanie McCray
>Visions of the Wind

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